Tuesday Top Three: 12/13/2016

Alright y’all, so I’ve decide to do a weekly top three songs list! The songs I choose are just three songs that I’ve been draw to the previous week. I’m open for album or song suggestions to listen too so contact me if you’ve got a new album or song you think I should check out. Or if you would like to mail your album to me so that I can listen to it in my Jeep then shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with my address! Hope Y’all enjoy Tuesday Top Three!! Feel free to share!

Present Without A Bow- Kacey Musgraves14591608_1198626863545421_3218059788107479510_n

I have been in the biggest Kacey Musgraves kick the past month and since it’s December and I love Christmas music I’ve been jamming to her new Christmas album, A Very Kacey Christmas. The song I always seem pick first to play is Present Without A Bow. I fell in love with song after watching Kacey sing it on Jimmy Fallon! What’s cool about this song is that it came to her in a dream and she has Leon Bridges featured on it! Present Without A Bow is an original song written by Kacey, Leon, Austin Jenkins, and Luke Laird but it seems like it should be a classic Christmas song that has been around for years even though it’s only been out for about a month. There’s a timeless feel to it that makes you just want to sway back and forth to it.

Oh Sarah- Sturgill Simpson


After hearing about Sturgill Simpson being nominated for a Grammy for album of the year I almost cried because I love Sturgill so much! I’m so honored to have had the chance to see him play at the Bomb Factory in Dallas TX on May 7th. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve seen. When I first started listening to A Sailor’s Guide To Earth it honestly took me a couple runs through the album to actually like it because it was so much different than his pervious two albums. After getting over the fact that it was like nothing I’ve ever heard, I became addicted to it. Oh Sarah is one of those songs that just hit me hard the first time I heard it and I instantaneously loved it.

Miss Jones- Zach Nytomt


I have to give my boyfriend Tom the credit for showing me this song! He played it one day after we saw Zach play at Magnolia Motor Lounge and I literally stopped what I was doing and was in awe. I just hate that I somehow missed him sing it live. Miss Jones is definitely a song that will never get old. It has this Texas Soul feel to it and the way Zach sings it it feels like it comes straight from the heart.

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