Paul Cauthen- My Gospel


I found Paul Cauthen from being one of Cody Jinks flockers, number 1841 to be exact! Cody went on tour with Paul so I figured he had to be something special if Cody was playing with Paul. I warn you, his music is super different but yet amazing! I saw Paul first preform live at Magnolia Motor Lounge 2/26/2017 for the TXRDR radio show. His acoustic performance was jaw dropping. I instantly became addicted to Paul’s My Gospel album. Since the TXRDR radio show I’ve seen some videos of Paul preforming full band and I knew next time he was in the area I had to go to experience him first hand. So on 3/25/2017 me and Tom went to the Toyota Texas Music Revolution at Oak Point Amphitheater to see him play; holy cow, must I saw… better than Josh Weathers??? Josh Weathers blows me away when he sings but Paul may have taken the flame! I have a feeling this guy is going to get big fast so go support him at live shows while you can! My top 4 songs on the album My Gospel are I’ll Be The One, Saddle, Still Drivin, and Hanging Out On The Line. Oh did I forget to mention, he was also one of the lead singers of Sons Of Fathers!

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