Meeting Three Legends

99AEA9CC-FD8B-4E27-BC6F-8145CA72C7D4The moment this show was announced I dreamt about going to it! Clint Black, Don Henley of the Eagles, and Lyle Lovett at Bass Hall in Fort Worth was something I couldn’t pass up. I looked up tickets as soon as I found a link but tickets were way out of my league since it was a benefit concert for Hurricane Harvey. So I kinda just let it go so that I wouldn’t get upset about missing such a once in a lifetime show. The day before the show I saw my friend Tracy retweet a tweet from Clint Black and it said…


So I immediately retweeted Clint’s tweet and told my other friend Kathryn Stredwick to go retweet it as well. With our fingers crossed we patiently waited to see who the lucky two winners were. Come 11:30pm I never got a Twitter notification so apparently I didn’t win any tickets. I was curious and wanted to see who won so I went to Clint’s profile and then I saw this…79CED5A7-2F99-4ADC-BB87-FAF7BFBA5CD3

Both my friends Tracy and Katy won tickets!!!! I was freaking out trying to get ahold of them but they were both asleep…. I was so excited for them I couldn’t go to bed and I wished they’d just wake up to see the exciting news! Tracy took one of her buddies and Katy brought me!! I was so happy she brought me as her plus one! The show started at 7:00pm on November 28th 2017! Katy and I end up taking forever to find a parking sport in downtown Fort Worth so we showed up to Bass Hall 15 minutes late. We walk into the lobby and nobody was in the lobby but workers. They pointed us to Will Call where our tickets were located. As the ticket guy was flipping through the tickets his manager asked us if it was just the two of us. We said “yes sir” and the manager told his employee to scan these and give them those. The two tickets the ticket guy gave us were VIP All Access passes!! (These tickets had to be well over $1000)


We were so excited but didn’t really know what we were about to get ourselves into! We got escorted to our seats which ended up being 9 rows back!


We could feel everyone looking at us because we were the youngest people in the place! High rollers everywhere! Come to find out the guys from Green River Ordinance were sitting in front of us and beside us was Don Henley’s family and Lyle Lovett nephew! Each band played a full set and between each set there was roughly a 15 min break. During one of those breaks we figured out that our VIP All Access pass got us into the after party that was being held after the show!


After the show we found our way across the street to this huge ball room where the after party was being held. A couple minutes after being there we started seeing this line form! It’s a line to meet and take pictures with Clint Black, Don Henley, and Lyle Lovett!! I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to us!! It was one of the greatest moments of my life! The group picture was taken by a professional photographer and we weren’t allowed to use our phones so Katy and I were super worried that we would never seen our picture and have proof of our once in a lifetime night! Katy had some of her business cards on her so she passed them out to some folks in hopes they’d forward her the email with the link to the pictures! Well weeks go by and we never got an email. So I tracked down the company who took the pictures and after emailing back and forth for a couple weeks we finally got the picture!! Thank you Robby at RH Media for helping me find our picture!!


The next morning after the show my boyfriend informed me that he had bought tickets to see Chris Stapleton and the Eagles at AT&T center Saturday June 23rd!! I was so excited to hear that because Don Henley had just put on one of the best shows I’d ever seen! I just wished I had know that he got tickets earlier so that I could’ve told Don in person that we were going! And maybe that could’ve lead to VIP passes for Chris and the Eagles! But that’s probably just wishful thinking! But all in all that will probably be the best concert I will ever experience! Still in shock about it all!

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