Concho Valley Spring Jam 2019

Concho Valley Spring Jam 2019

On May 3rd I ventured down to San Angelo Texas with my boyfriend Tom for the Concho Valley Spring Jam! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of media passes (thanks to Kris Randolph with VIP Custom Events) to shoot the festival so I was pretty dang pumped to shoot several artists’ that I’ve never shot before. On the drive down it looked stormy and nasty out but by the time we hit town the weather cleared up and the music was still a go. We were running right on time and hustled to the ticket gate to get our passes; there was a little bit of confusion with the media passes but the staff figured everything out and got it taken care of in a timely and professional manner! The staff working the event were all very nice and I appreciated everything they did for me. Got in and found our friend Jessica Morris working Jarrod Morris‘ merch booth and relaxed there until Jarrod started.

Jarrod Morris

I shoot a lot of Jarrod’s shows so being able to go down to San Angelo was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Jarrod shocked Tom and I with a clean shaven face and short hair when he walked out on stage so we joked around about it for a little bit and then I got back to business. Jarrod added a little medley of Pumped Up Kicks and Old Town Road into his set that captured the crowd’s attention. Once his set ended I went back up to the merch booth where Tom and Jessica were at and waited there until The Hamilton’s came on. I was excited to be able to get some pictures of them because The Hamilton’s are one of my favorite duo’s in the scene! They are one of the bands I’ve seen the most but I have yet to shoot them; so I had to be on my game and get some killer shots! Which I killed it and got some sweet pics!

The Hamilton’s

Throughout the first two sets of the night I was kinda laughing at the crowd because 75% of the people seemed to be underaged. Then it hit me, KOE WETZEL was next. Koe knows how to draw a crowd so I’m happy his fans got to see a couple of my favorite bands open up. This would be my 9th time to see Koe play and every time just amazes me! His fans are so into his music it’s insane! They know every word to every song! You can’t help but be a fan when you see him and his band preform live!! They know how to rock out and I love it!

Koe Wetzel

Day 2 consisted of Texwestus, Chris Colston, Dirty River Boys, Mark Powell and Cody Jinks! This lineup brought in a completely different crowd full of flockers!! Got to see Mark Powell play for this first time and he definitely impressed me! Cody Jinks even came out and sang a song with him! Mark even offered me to come out and shoot his Outlaw’s and Legends Festival in Abilene!! Crossing my fingers for that one!

Mark Powell

Last but not least Cody Freaking Jinks!! Been a fan of this guy for years!! Fun fact, I used to sell him fishing supplies at Academy Sports + Outdoors when I worked there! But I haven’t seen a show of his in awhile (not counting Loud & Heavy Fest where I almost died)!! But Man!! Cody knows how to capture the crowd! People of all ages were at this show; kids on shoulders, grannies in lawn chairs, and everyone else in between. I just love how much he appreciates his fans! T’was a great night!!

Definitely recommend Concho Valley Spring Jam! The festival was well organized, the lineup was stellar, the view was beautiful, and the memories made were unforgettable!

Cody Jinks

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