Ashley McBryde- Shipping & Receiving, Fort Worth TX

Earlier this year I saw that Ashley McBryde scheduled a show at Shipping & Receiving in Fort Worth. I immediately went and bought a couple of tickets because I knew this show would sell out! The only available tickets were GA tickets so that’s what I got. I tried emailing the venue and Ashley’s management about possibly shooting her show because I’d be on cloud 9 if I was able to do that! Unfortunately, the venue finally got back with me and said no cameras with an attachable lens’ allowed… oh well! So November 7th came fast and it was the day of the show! Took off work an hour early, went home to get ready, booked it to Fort Worth to pick up a couple of friends and headed to the show! But best bet I brought my camera and left it in the Jeep just in case I ran into the right person! Just had that feeling you know! Well, halfway through Ashley’s set I got ancy; so I walked around the back of the venue and just kinda people watched. Ended up going to the restroom since the line was nonexistent. When I came out I saw a couple of guys just hanging out and by this pillar who was looking at me. I gave them this smirk and said “what??” I got to talking to them for a bit and brought up that I was a concert photographer and that I didn’t know what to do with myself because I was so used to being behind the camera. Ray and John were the two guys I met. Ray asked If I had my camera and I said that it was in my Jeep. “Well, today is your lucky day, I’m one of Ashley’s managers and if you go get your camera I’ll meet you at the door with a photo pass!” I was so happy I ended up bringing my camera!! I got to shoot the last few songs and ended up with some killer shots!

After the show was done Ray came and found me and told me to come to the merch booth when I was done talking to whoever I was talking too. I got done talking and went and found Ray. Ray introduced me to one of her other managers and her makeup/hair/wardrobe lady. Everyone was so nice!! We all ended up talking for 20 minutes for so. The venue cleared out by then and Ray invited us to go upstairs to the greenroom. When I walked in there was Ashley McBryde herself! She greeted me with a hug and was so welcoming! She even made me a whiskey/coke to drink! I got to hang out for a little over an hour and we had lots of laughs! She is so genuine! I became a bigger fan than what I already was after that!

Concho Valley Spring Jam 2019

Concho Valley Spring Jam 2019

On May 3rd I ventured down to San Angelo Texas with my boyfriend Tom for the Concho Valley Spring Jam! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of media passes (thanks to Kris Randolph with VIP Custom Events) to shoot the festival so I was pretty dang pumped to shoot several artists’ that I’ve never shot before. On the drive down it looked stormy and nasty out but by the time we hit town the weather cleared up and the music was still a go. We were running right on time and hustled to the ticket gate to get our passes; there was a little bit of confusion with the media passes but the staff figured everything out and got it taken care of in a timely and professional manner! The staff working the event were all very nice and I appreciated everything they did for me. Got in and found our friend Jessica Morris working Jarrod Morris‘ merch booth and relaxed there until Jarrod started.

Jarrod Morris

I shoot a lot of Jarrod’s shows so being able to go down to San Angelo was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Jarrod shocked Tom and I with a clean shaven face and short hair when he walked out on stage so we joked around about it for a little bit and then I got back to business. Jarrod added a little medley of Pumped Up Kicks and Old Town Road into his set that captured the crowd’s attention. Once his set ended I went back up to the merch booth where Tom and Jessica were at and waited there until The Hamilton’s came on. I was excited to be able to get some pictures of them because The Hamilton’s are one of my favorite duo’s in the scene! They are one of the bands I’ve seen the most but I have yet to shoot them; so I had to be on my game and get some killer shots! Which I killed it and got some sweet pics!

The Hamilton’s

Throughout the first two sets of the night I was kinda laughing at the crowd because 75% of the people seemed to be underaged. Then it hit me, KOE WETZEL was next. Koe knows how to draw a crowd so I’m happy his fans got to see a couple of my favorite bands open up. This would be my 9th time to see Koe play and every time just amazes me! His fans are so into his music it’s insane! They know every word to every song! You can’t help but be a fan when you see him and his band preform live!! They know how to rock out and I love it!

Koe Wetzel

Day 2 consisted of Texwestus, Chris Colston, Dirty River Boys, Mark Powell and Cody Jinks! This lineup brought in a completely different crowd full of flockers!! Got to see Mark Powell play for this first time and he definitely impressed me! Cody Jinks even came out and sang a song with him! Mark even offered me to come out and shoot his Outlaw’s and Legends Festival in Abilene!! Crossing my fingers for that one!

Mark Powell

Last but not least Cody Freaking Jinks!! Been a fan of this guy for years!! Fun fact, I used to sell him fishing supplies at Academy Sports + Outdoors when I worked there! But I haven’t seen a show of his in awhile (not counting Loud & Heavy Fest where I almost died)!! But Man!! Cody knows how to capture the crowd! People of all ages were at this show; kids on shoulders, grannies in lawn chairs, and everyone else in between. I just love how much he appreciates his fans! T’was a great night!!

Definitely recommend Concho Valley Spring Jam! The festival was well organized, the lineup was stellar, the view was beautiful, and the memories made were unforgettable!

Cody Jinks

Meeting Three Legends

99AEA9CC-FD8B-4E27-BC6F-8145CA72C7D4The moment this show was announced I dreamt about going to it! Clint Black, Don Henley of the Eagles, and Lyle Lovett at Bass Hall in Fort Worth was something I couldn’t pass up. I looked up tickets as soon as I found a link but tickets were way out of my league since it was a benefit concert for Hurricane Harvey. So I kinda just let it go so that I wouldn’t get upset about missing such a once in a lifetime show. The day before the show I saw my friend Tracy retweet a tweet from Clint Black and it said…


So I immediately retweeted Clint’s tweet and told my other friend Kathryn Stredwick to go retweet it as well. With our fingers crossed we patiently waited to see who the lucky two winners were. Come 11:30pm I never got a Twitter notification so apparently I didn’t win any tickets. I was curious and wanted to see who won so I went to Clint’s profile and then I saw this…79CED5A7-2F99-4ADC-BB87-FAF7BFBA5CD3

Both my friends Tracy and Katy won tickets!!!! I was freaking out trying to get ahold of them but they were both asleep…. I was so excited for them I couldn’t go to bed and I wished they’d just wake up to see the exciting news! Tracy took one of her buddies and Katy brought me!! I was so happy she brought me as her plus one! The show started at 7:00pm on November 28th 2017! Katy and I end up taking forever to find a parking sport in downtown Fort Worth so we showed up to Bass Hall 15 minutes late. We walk into the lobby and nobody was in the lobby but workers. They pointed us to Will Call where our tickets were located. As the ticket guy was flipping through the tickets his manager asked us if it was just the two of us. We said “yes sir” and the manager told his employee to scan these and give them those. The two tickets the ticket guy gave us were VIP All Access passes!! (These tickets had to be well over $1000)


We were so excited but didn’t really know what we were about to get ourselves into! We got escorted to our seats which ended up being 9 rows back!


We could feel everyone looking at us because we were the youngest people in the place! High rollers everywhere! Come to find out the guys from Green River Ordinance were sitting in front of us and beside us was Don Henley’s family and Lyle Lovett nephew! Each band played a full set and between each set there was roughly a 15 min break. During one of those breaks we figured out that our VIP All Access pass got us into the after party that was being held after the show!


After the show we found our way across the street to this huge ball room where the after party was being held. A couple minutes after being there we started seeing this line form! It’s a line to meet and take pictures with Clint Black, Don Henley, and Lyle Lovett!! I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to us!! It was one of the greatest moments of my life! The group picture was taken by a professional photographer and we weren’t allowed to use our phones so Katy and I were super worried that we would never seen our picture and have proof of our once in a lifetime night! Katy had some of her business cards on her so she passed them out to some folks in hopes they’d forward her the email with the link to the pictures! Well weeks go by and we never got an email. So I tracked down the company who took the pictures and after emailing back and forth for a couple weeks we finally got the picture!! Thank you Robby at RH Media for helping me find our picture!!


The next morning after the show my boyfriend informed me that he had bought tickets to see Chris Stapleton and the Eagles at AT&T center Saturday June 23rd!! I was so excited to hear that because Don Henley had just put on one of the best shows I’d ever seen! I just wished I had know that he got tickets earlier so that I could’ve told Don in person that we were going! And maybe that could’ve lead to VIP passes for Chris and the Eagles! But that’s probably just wishful thinking! But all in all that will probably be the best concert I will ever experience! Still in shock about it all!

Philthy On The Brazos

Coming up on July 14th and 15th is the 6th annual Philthy On The Brazos river fest at Hillbilly Haven Campground in Millsap Texas! This two day event kicks off Friday afternoon with Randy Brown, Jody Booth, Michael Padgett, and Jarrod Morris at 7pm. They are followed up by Clayton Landua, Wandering Daisy, Ryan Turner, and Blake Burrow. The closing lineup for Friday night will be Deryl Dodd, Matt Hillyer, Mark Powell, and Hayden Huse. Saturday morning all VIP ticket holders will have access to a Bloody Mary bar with the amazing Rob Redwine singing some tunes! At 1pm there will be a group float with some of your favorite artists from the roster. Saturday evening the big close out show will feature full band performances by Troy Murph, The Powell Brothers, and Phil Hamilton! Get your tickets HERE!

Here are some pictures from the previous two years! Get a group of friends together and come on out to Hillbilly Heaven! If you need more information feel free to contact me!

Josh Weathers at Plaza Palooza

When TopGolf has a 3 hour wait and your friends ask what now…. tell them Josh Weathers is playing at Sundance Square! Knowing that 3 of the 4 people in the truck absolutely love Josh it was an easy choice to go see him play! The 4th friend didn’t know who Josh was but I knew she’d love him! You’d be crazy if you didn’t like Josh Weathers music! Josh had a great crowd packed into Sundance Square and people of all ages were grooving to the music. I’ve seen Josh play 3 other times before this show and this was my favorite show of his yet! He really interacted with the crowd and popped off some jokes! Had me laughing several times! If you’ve never heard of this amazing artist be sure to check him out! The top three songs I recommend listening to are 1. I Will Always Love You (yes the Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton song), 2. Mind, Body, & Soul, & 3. Jenny-O! But trust me, all his songs are amazing! Josh’s rock-n-soul infused sound will definitely have you hooked! 

After the show ended we went to Taco Diner to snack and wait for the line to meet Josh to shorten. My friend Candice had bought a shirt previously that night so she wanted to get it signed and to get a picture. Josh was nothing but nice to us and we were even impressed that he recognized me from prior shows! Also, Josh isn’t just an amazing singer, he has a goal in life and that is to help children in India and Africa. For more information about what all Josh does for the kids and their family visit Love Like You Mean It

Paul Cauthen- My Gospel


I found Paul Cauthen from being one of Cody Jinks flockers, number 1841 to be exact! Cody went on tour with Paul so I figured he had to be something special if Cody was playing with Paul. I warn you, his music is super different but yet amazing! I saw Paul first preform live at Magnolia Motor Lounge 2/26/2017 for the TXRDR radio show. His acoustic performance was jaw dropping. I instantly became addicted to Paul’s My Gospel album. Since the TXRDR radio show I’ve seen some videos of Paul preforming full band and I knew next time he was in the area I had to go to experience him first hand. So on 3/25/2017 me and Tom went to the Toyota Texas Music Revolution at Oak Point Amphitheater to see him play; holy cow, must I saw… better than Josh Weathers??? Josh Weathers blows me away when he sings but Paul may have taken the flame! I have a feeling this guy is going to get big fast so go support him at live shows while you can! My top 4 songs on the album My Gospel are I’ll Be The One, Saddle, Still Drivin, and Hanging Out On The Line. Oh did I forget to mention, he was also one of the lead singers of Sons Of Fathers!

Top Four Songs Of 2016

Brazos Wind- Phil Hamilton


Brazos Wind by Phil Hamilton is one of those songs that just makes everyone stop what they are doing and listen. It really hits home to a lot of people. The first time I heard it I was in amaze by how great it is, I think my jaw literally dropped. It’s safe to say I knew every word before the song was even released! What’s cool about this song is that most of Phil’s fans knew this song like the back of their hand before it was released because they had heard it at a live show and loved it so much they’d get a video of it and listen to it over and over again.

Fire Away- Chris Stapleton


It’s crazy how Chris Stapleton blew up within days! The song Fire Away was one of my favorite songs off his album Traveller. I remember downloading his album the day it  was released and all the Texas country supporters were going crazy over it. Not to long after his album release the whole world knew about Chris because of his domination at the ACMs. I just wish I had seen him play back before he started playing arenas and sold out crowds! I’ve enjoyed Chris Stapleton’s music since his Steel Drivers and Jompson Brother days. I hope to one day get to meet him in person!

Vegetables- Clayton Landua


This is the best unreleased song of 2016 in my opinion. The first time I heard Clayton sing this song was with a group of my buddies and they were all sitting out on a patio where they were song swapping. I immediately fell in love with it because it’s so catchy and heart felt. It was definitely hard to love a song so much and not be able to listen to it because it wasn’t recorded yet. Luckily one day I snagged the video below of Clayton playing it at Boondocks on Eagle Mountain Lake. So definitely catch one of Clayton’s shows in 2017 because he has some great new music on his list!!


What Else Is New- Cody Jinks


I used to listen to this song every day on my way to work when I worked at Academy to pumped me up for my long shift. It instantly turns your not so great day around. Be prepared to turn your radio up and roll your windows down! Funny story is is that one day while I was jamming to this song with my windows down I pull into my parking spot at work and waited till the song was done playing before I walked in. Little did I know that on the other side of the bushes from where I parked Cody was standing in the parking lot working on his boat. He thought it was pretty cool but I thought it was pretty awkward!!

Tuesday Top Three: 12/13/2016

Alright y’all, so I’ve decide to do a weekly top three songs list! The songs I choose are just three songs that I’ve been draw to the previous week. I’m open for album or song suggestions to listen too so contact me if you’ve got a new album or song you think I should check out. Or if you would like to mail your album to me so that I can listen to it in my Jeep then shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with my address! Hope Y’all enjoy Tuesday Top Three!! Feel free to share!

Present Without A Bow- Kacey Musgraves14591608_1198626863545421_3218059788107479510_n

I have been in the biggest Kacey Musgraves kick the past month and since it’s December and I love Christmas music I’ve been jamming to her new Christmas album, A Very Kacey Christmas. The song I always seem pick first to play is Present Without A Bow. I fell in love with song after watching Kacey sing it on Jimmy Fallon! What’s cool about this song is that it came to her in a dream and she has Leon Bridges featured on it! Present Without A Bow is an original song written by Kacey, Leon, Austin Jenkins, and Luke Laird but it seems like it should be a classic Christmas song that has been around for years even though it’s only been out for about a month. There’s a timeless feel to it that makes you just want to sway back and forth to it.

Oh Sarah- Sturgill Simpson


After hearing about Sturgill Simpson being nominated for a Grammy for album of the year I almost cried because I love Sturgill so much! I’m so honored to have had the chance to see him play at the Bomb Factory in Dallas TX on May 7th. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve seen. When I first started listening to A Sailor’s Guide To Earth it honestly took me a couple runs through the album to actually like it because it was so much different than his pervious two albums. After getting over the fact that it was like nothing I’ve ever heard, I became addicted to it. Oh Sarah is one of those songs that just hit me hard the first time I heard it and I instantaneously loved it.

Miss Jones- Zach Nytomt


I have to give my boyfriend Tom the credit for showing me this song! He played it one day after we saw Zach play at Magnolia Motor Lounge and I literally stopped what I was doing and was in awe. I just hate that I somehow missed him sing it live. Miss Jones is definitely a song that will never get old. It has this Texas Soul feel to it and the way Zach sings it it feels like it comes straight from the heart.

My 100th Show

Alright y’all, my 100th show is just around the corner!! Come to find out my favorite band is playing at my hometown bar, so I invite everyone who reads this to come watch Phil Hamilton and Troy Murph play at Bono’s Chophouse & Saloon in Decatur TX on November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving)! It’ll be a good ol’ time!! Get there early! Wise County loves Phil and Troy so it’ll be packed! Spread the word!! Let’s make my 100th show one to remember!


Troy Murph



Already Dead- Troy Murph

Phil Hamilton


My 100th show was definitely one for the books! These two guys sure do know how to put on a show!! So glad to see so many of my hometown friends out supporting live music!! Way to bring it Decatur TX!