Josh Weathers at Plaza Palooza

When TopGolf has a 3 hour wait and your friends ask what now…. tell them Josh Weathers is playing at Sundance Square! Knowing that 3 of the 4 people in the truck absolutely love Josh it was an easy choice to go see him play! The 4th friend didn’t know who Josh was but I knew she’d love him! You’d be crazy if you didn’t like Josh Weathers music! Josh had a great crowd packed into Sundance Square and people of all ages were grooving to the music. I’ve seen Josh play 3 other times before this show and this was my favorite show of his yet! He really interacted with the crowd and popped off some jokes! Had me laughing several times! If you’ve never heard of this amazing artist be sure to check him out! The top three songs I recommend listening to are 1. I Will Always Love You (yes the Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton song), 2. Mind, Body, & Soul, & 3. Jenny-O! But trust me, all his songs are amazing! Josh’s rock-n-soul infused sound will definitely have you hooked! 

After the show ended we went to Taco Diner to snack and wait for the line to meet Josh to shorten. My friend Candice had bought a shirt previously that night so she wanted to get it signed and to get a picture. Josh was nothing but nice to us and we were even impressed that he recognized me from prior shows! Also, Josh isn’t just an amazing singer, he has a goal in life and that is to help children in India and Africa. For more information about what all Josh does for the kids and their family visit Love Like You Mean It

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