Ashley McBryde- Shipping & Receiving, Fort Worth TX

Earlier this year I saw that Ashley McBryde scheduled a show at Shipping & Receiving in Fort Worth. I immediately went and bought a couple of tickets because I knew this show would sell out! The only available tickets were GA tickets so that’s what I got. I tried emailing the venue and Ashley’s management about possibly shooting her show because I’d be on cloud 9 if I was able to do that! Unfortunately, the venue finally got back with me and said no cameras with an attachable lens’ allowed… oh well! So November 7th came fast and it was the day of the show! Took off work an hour early, went home to get ready, booked it to Fort Worth to pick up a couple of friends and headed to the show! But best bet I brought my camera and left it in the Jeep just in case I ran into the right person! Just had that feeling you know! Well, halfway through Ashley’s set I got ancy; so I walked around the back of the venue and just kinda people watched. Ended up going to the restroom since the line was nonexistent. When I came out I saw a couple of guys just hanging out and by this pillar who was looking at me. I gave them this smirk and said “what??” I got to talking to them for a bit and brought up that I was a concert photographer and that I didn’t know what to do with myself because I was so used to being behind the camera. Ray and John were the two guys I met. Ray asked If I had my camera and I said that it was in my Jeep. “Well, today is your lucky day, I’m one of Ashley’s managers and if you go get your camera I’ll meet you at the door with a photo pass!” I was so happy I ended up bringing my camera!! I got to shoot the last few songs and ended up with some killer shots!

After the show was done Ray came and found me and told me to come to the merch booth when I was done talking to whoever I was talking too. I got done talking and went and found Ray. Ray introduced me to one of her other managers and her makeup/hair/wardrobe lady. Everyone was so nice!! We all ended up talking for 20 minutes for so. The venue cleared out by then and Ray invited us to go upstairs to the greenroom. When I walked in there was Ashley McBryde herself! She greeted me with a hug and was so welcoming! She even made me a whiskey/coke to drink! I got to hang out for a little over an hour and we had lots of laughs! She is so genuine! I became a bigger fan than what I already was after that!

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