Top Four Songs Of 2016

Brazos Wind- Phil Hamilton


Brazos Wind by Phil Hamilton is one of those songs that just makes everyone stop what they are doing and listen. It really hits home to a lot of people. The first time I heard it I was in amaze by how great it is, I think my jaw literally dropped. It’s safe to say I knew every word before the song was even released! What’s cool about this song is that most of Phil’s fans knew this song like the back of their hand before it was released because they had heard it at a live show and loved it so much they’d get a video of it and listen to it over and over again.

Fire Away- Chris Stapleton


It’s crazy how Chris Stapleton blew up within days! The song Fire Away was one of my favorite songs off his album Traveller. I remember downloading his album the day it  was released and all the Texas country supporters were going crazy over it. Not to long after his album release the whole world knew about Chris because of his domination at the ACMs. I just wish I had seen him play back before he started playing arenas and sold out crowds! I’ve enjoyed Chris Stapleton’s music since his Steel Drivers and Jompson Brother days. I hope to one day get to meet him in person!

Vegetables- Clayton Landua


This is the best unreleased song of 2016 in my opinion. The first time I heard Clayton sing this song was with a group of my buddies and they were all sitting out on a patio where they were song swapping. I immediately fell in love with it because it’s so catchy and heart felt. It was definitely hard to love a song so much and not be able to listen to it because it wasn’t recorded yet. Luckily one day I snagged the video below of Clayton playing it at Boondocks on Eagle Mountain Lake. So definitely catch one of Clayton’s shows in 2017 because he has some great new music on his list!!


What Else Is New- Cody Jinks


I used to listen to this song every day on my way to work when I worked at Academy to pumped me up for my long shift. It instantly turns your not so great day around. Be prepared to turn your radio up and roll your windows down! Funny story is is that one day while I was jamming to this song with my windows down I pull into my parking spot at work and waited till the song was done playing before I walked in. Little did I know that on the other side of the bushes from where I parked Cody was standing in the parking lot working on his boat. He thought it was pretty cool but I thought it was pretty awkward!!

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